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GlobalTestMarket is a community of people around the world who take online surveys for leading market research companies around the world and earn cash.
This offer is currently no longer available. Check back soon to see if maybe it is available again.



This site is one of the more ELITE survey panels available to the public! I HIGHLY recommend signing up for this one. Should you be chosen by this company you will be highly rewarded for your opinions and by the surveys you can take. Some are even lucky enough to qualify for a home scanner program which pays you for scanning the products you buy with a scanner they send you. The rewards really are endless with this program. Don't pass this one up!

HomeScan NCP

Ever heard of Vindale? Get paid to give your opinion! Click Here
You could earn up to $75 for each survey taken

Vindale Research


Valued Opinions
Earn rewards through completing surveys, and then exchange them for some brilliant rewards and be entered to win a $500 Amazon gift code simply for registering with them. 


The i-Say Panel! 


Join the i-Say Panel!  i-Say would like to offer you the opportunity to win valuable cash prizes or cool merchandise, while making your opinion known.  Everyone who completes the Membership survey will automatically be entered into our draw for $5,000.  For each survey you complete, you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for cash and/or prizes!  Tell us what you think - win cash.  It’s that easy! Click Here

Have you heard of Swagbucks?

Search & Win

 What is Swagbucks?? A search engine that pays you to use their site. You register with Swagbucks and then search the Internet as you normally would. When you register, you’re started with 30 Swagbucks just for signing up. To search, you can either go to the Swagbucks website, or you can download the Swagbucks toolbar for your Internet browser. I chose to download the toolbar, because it’s easier for me than having to navigate to their site each time I want to search. 


Have you heard of INBOXDOLLARS?

There are several ways to earn money with inboxdollars, so I'm just going to take a quick look at all of them. First things first, you receive $5.00 for joining.

Learn More Here 


Have you heard of CROWDTAP??


Crowdtap is by far my favorite way to make money online. It is just such a fun site. You get to be involved with testing products and hosting parties for companies that want feedback about there products!

Find out more HERE


Have you heard of SUPERPOINTS?

Have you heard of SUPERPOINTS?

This is an invitation only site.SuperPoints gives you the chance to win points online for free, which you can then redeem for vouchers or prizes! It is currently an invite only site, so I will post 5 invite codes on this page, the first 5 people who sign up through them will be the lucky winners of 5 points for that day! As the invites get used I will post more so dont worry. 

You can get points by:

Watching videos
Clicking the 'SuperLucky button'
Inviting friends
Completing tasks

And so many other ways, so join with one of our exclusive invite codes  today!

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