Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Crowdtap: FREE Old Navy Clothing for You & a Friend!

I just LOVE Crowdtap and you can score some great freebies on it! Remember the Old Navy free tanks, jeans, and compression pants?! Well, now for a limited time Crowdtap is offering up FREE Old Navy Clothing for you and 1 Friend! You will get 2 FREE Best Tees or tank and so will a friend!
Here’s how you score:
  • Sign up for Crowdtap here for FREE (you will also get $1.00)
  • Answer the “quick hit” questions which will take you to higher level
  • Click on “New Actions Tab”.
  • Depending on your quick hit answers, you may be selected to get FREE Old Navy goodies. If you are selected, you will see a form to fill out. Not everyone will get accepted but hopefully a lot of you do!
New to Crowdtap?
Earn cash for rewards and Amazon gift cards!
  • COMPLETE OPPORTUNITIES – You will be presented with a variety of opportunities to complete
  • HELP BRANDS – You will be helping brands make major marketing decisions as well as helping spread the buzz about products you like
  • You can also answer “Info questions” which will help them match you with more opportunities!
You can earn cash rewards and gift cards by providing meaningful responses in discussions and participating in discussions daily. Once you have reached level 5 you will receive a 5% cash bonus for every $10 you earn!
After your account reaches at least $10, you can cash in for these items:
*Cash! – Different activities may earn you cash rewards!
*Gift Cards – Your Crowdtap cash can be redeemed for Amazon.com gift cards.
*Help Charities – You can choose a charity to help out and donate to.
*Free Products – You can earn free products from certain promotions and activities they run.

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