Sunday, January 29, 2012

CVS TRIP (2) 1/29/12

CVS TRIP (2) 1/29/12 
This cost me $0.00 OOP! 

CVS has these for $3.32- $3.59 each
Each one prints out a $4 ECB!
( This will most likely be unmarked. It wasn't marked at my CVS)

This is what I did:
 I bought 1 Skintimate Shaving cream for $3.59
I used $4 ECB (From Transactions Earlier)
The Manager made my ECB = $3.59 because they do not let ECB pay for tax.
My total came to $0.26 (TAX)
I paid with my CVS GC from last week .

-Repeat x6

I now have a remaining balance of $2.49
And I Walked out with $4 ECB!


  1. That's awesome. I did something similar to that earlier today with the Skintimate there. I used the extra little bit to get some Dawn dish liquid and some Kleenex that they had on sale and that I had coupons for.

  2. That is an awesome Idea Violet! Im going to have to check out my Coupons and see what I can do !