Thursday, December 22, 2011


Two mothers receive photo cards in the mail with pictures of their children. One mother places the card in a box and forgotten. The other mother passes around her card and it is shown off at every opportunity. What is the difference? Introducing Snapily! The first card is just so typical, it's forgettable. But the card from Snapily? It's actually animated! The photos flip from one photo to the next in the space of a single photo. No one else can do that! Here are some great suggestions for how to get the best use out of this feature - siblings, before and after, well behaved and mischievous, 2 generations..or the most common use - for when you just can't decide which shot you love best. Want to try it out? With a free credit of $3, getting started with your own animated photo gift is almost free! Click Here
Can't decide which picture you love best? No need! Snapily's Animated Photo products display 2 images in the space of a single picture. A simple flick of the wrist reveals as one images blends into the next. Get a FREE and instant $3 credit! Click Here

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